New photography exhibit

My handmade fine art prints will be on display at bon, nene from July 30th through September. The establishment has been a neighborhood (and my) favorite since the debut. The owner — who used to manage The Butler & The Chef prior to opening her own place — describes her dishes "your friend's mom's cooking when you visit them" which I think describes the concept perfectly. It's not the most exquisite prestigious gourmet food that you'd dress up for. It's a super homie, everyday comfort food you'd expect when were growing up in modern-day Japan, but kicked up a notch to show what your mom can do because your friend decided to stay for dinner.

This is going to be my conclusion to the series of photos I made in France numbers of years ago. All photos are freshly hand-printed in darkroom by me, individually numbered and signed, and no prints are exactly alike. Just a few prints will be available for purchase at the establishment to take home with you (framed pieces will be available for pickup at the end of exhibition).

I hope you'll enjoy the food and super cozy atmosphere at bon, nene, and would be really great if you could spend just a few extra minutes looking at my photos.